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Your character, an alchimist, has been cursed to become a werewolf, try to cure yourself through gathering ingredients and experimenting with your cauldron.

Gather common and rare ingredients, through collecting and fighting.


Make potion in the cauldron through mixing 3 ingredients. Potion can be used to make other potion. Mix everything and try to find the cure !


You were cursed and will turn into a werewolf, if you can't stop the transformation you will lose yourself and become nothing more than an animal.

If your Lycanthropy bar, the one beside the wolf head; reach 100%, you lose, The higher your Bloodlust bar is (the one beside the blood drop,), the faster your lycantropy increase.

To create a potion, collect resources (kill monsters, gather items) and then go to the cauldron (near your starting point) and craft potions. One potion will save you, the others will give you strength, speed or temporarily helps with your hair problems,  but one other will drastically increase your Lycanthropy level.

All recipes are generate at start, if a craft failed you earn a life potion which healts  you when use.

Good Luck.


  • Use ZQSD to move
  • Hold shift for sprinting, be careful your bloodLust will increase faster
  • Right mouse click to attack,  be careful your bloodLust will increase faster, but kill monster reduce your bloodlust as well
  • Press E to interact
  • Press Tabulation to show/hide inventory
  • Press Escape to display menu

The game is really difficult for the moment and collision are a little buggy, a patch is ready to fix all these problems at the end of the vote

Game made in a week-end for the Pot-aux-jeu 2.0 game jam with unity.

Main character modified from : http://www.rpgmakervx-fr.com/t5353-ptit-chara-de-kingdom-heart

Trees come from the assetspack 2D pixels tree : https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/textures-materials/2d-pixel-trees-63479

Sound effects come from lasonotheque.org : https://lasonotheque.org

Ennemies pathfinding taken from : https://github.com/7ark/Unity-Pathfinding


Alchantropy V1.1.zip 20 MB

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